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Tired of letting poison ivy, pitch, and tar ruin your outdoor adventures? Say goodbye to itchy misery and hello to uninterrupted fun with Tecnu Detox Wipes, your trailside best friend! These handy wipes instantly remove urushiol - the rash-causing oil from poison ivy, oak, and sumac. They also work great to remove pitch, tar, and other oily substances.

Product Description

Ditch the itch and embrace the outdoors with Tecnu Detox Wipes! These poison ivy wipes effectively remove oils that cause rash and discomfort. Whether you're hiking, gardening, or playing with your furry companion, Tecnu keeps you protected.

Here's why Tecnu Detox Wipes are your outdoor must-have:

  • Removes oils from poison ivy, oak, and sumac fast. Apply to affected areas after exposure to poisonous plants. The sooner you remove urushiol, the less likely you are to get a rash.
  • Avoid secondary contamination. That plant oil can hang out on your tools and gear. Just a tiny amount transferred to you can start a rash. Clean your items with Tecnu Detox Wipes to use next time without worry.
  • These are also dog wipes for poison ivy. Avoid a rash from contact with your furry friend. Wipe away that rash-causing oil from your pet's fur.
  • Tackles pitch, tar, and other gunk. Use on any oily, sticky substance you pick up outdoors.
  • Single-use packets are super convenient to take anywhere! Individually wrapped to easily fit into a pocket, purse, or backpack.
  • Gentle on the skin and the environment. The wipes are rayon made from natural bamboo fibers.

Don't let a little irritation stop you from enjoying the great outdoors! Grab your pack of Tecnu Detox Wipes today and outdoor more!

Did you know? The name Tecnu, created by Dr. Robert Smith, means "technically new" and is sometimes misspelled as 'technu'.

How to Outdoor More with Tecnu Detox Wipes for Poison Ivy and Oak from Tec Laboratories on Vimeo.



Causes extreme eye irritation. Avoid contact in or around eyes. In case of contact, flush immediately with water. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue flushing. If irritation persists, contact a physician.

For external use only.

Do not use on raw or oozing skin.

Directions for use:

When exposed to poison ivy, oak, or sumac: Apply wipe to exposed dry skin as soon as possible after exposure to poisonous plants. Rub for 15 seconds. Allow to air dry or towel dry.

After the rash has started: Apply wipe to affected areas and rub for 15 seconds. Avoid breaking skin. Allow to air dry or towel dry. Follow with a topical anti-itch medication, if needed.

To Clean:

  • Pets: to remove poison plant oil or skunk spray, wipe pet with towel. Follow with a pet bath.
  • Tools: wipe tool directly with towel. Allow to air dry.
  • Tree sap/pitch: apply directly to affected area, rub to dissolve substances.


Purified water, alkoxylated alcohol, d-limonene, ethoxylated fatty alcohol, cocamidopropyl betaine, glycerin, 2-phenoxyethanol, 1,2-octanediol, benzethonium chloride, sorbic acid.

Like Tecnu Original cleanser, Detox Wipes remove the oil that causes the rash. The difference is that the wipes are more portable and convenient to use when away from home.

Like Original Tecnu, the Detox Wipes remove poison plant oil (urushiol) from the skin and other surfaces, but the formula in Detox Wipes is not the same. It contains an ingredient extracted from orange oil that allows it to remove the rash-causing oil.

Detox Wipes are safe for children 2 years and older.

Detox Wipes are used to cleanse and remove the oil, but they will not act as a protective barrier. Using it before encountering poison ivy/oak will not protect you from getting the rash.

Pregnancy can cause unpredictable allergy responses, so it is always best to consult with your physician first.

If you choose to use it on your furniture, try it first in an inconspicuous area to test for color fastness.

No, the product is a special cleanser, so it does not have an expiration date. However, we suggest replacing product more than 3 years old, or if the wipes have dried out.

Detox Wipes will remove any urushiol that is in contact with the wipes. However, as an extra measure, it is OK to bathe when you return home as a precaution in case you may have missed an area with the wipes or you have come in contact through secondary contamination (example; if the poison plant oil is on your shoes, and it comes into contact with your hands when removing your shoes).

You can use them as often as you like to remove the oil that causes poison ivy/oak rash.

Yes, you can use it to remove any plant oil that has not bonded to the skin yet. Be careful not to use on broken skin as it could cause irritation. This is not an anti-itch product and will not relieve rash symptoms such as itching and pain.

The material is biodegradable. But, as a best practice, and as a partner of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics encourages, you should pack out the wipe and dispose of it in a proper garbage receptacle.

2 reviews for Tecnu Detox Wipes

  1. allybelle86

    These wipes are the best thing ever. I live in Oregon and my dog likes to go camping with us in the summer, but I inevitably get poison oak from her when she comes back to camp. These wipes save us both a lot of pain. Thank you for this awesome and convenient product.

  2. Ruth in MA (verified owner)

    These Tecnu wipes are a great addition to the line!! After using Tecnu Original Cleanser for years I was glad to find something to use on my boots after being in areas where I I knew there was a lot of poison ivy. I always worried about the oils transferring from boots to hands to everywhere else!! They are also good if there's no place to rinse cleanser off after exposure. Thank you Tecnu for great products and great customer service too!!

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