Top 10 must-have items for an outdoor adventure

10 Essential Tools for an outdoor adventure.

What do you need to pack before hitting the great outdoors? Whether hiking, camping, or rock climbing, the outdoors can bring us more than we bargained for. Staying safe outdoors is essential, and preparing for an outdoor adventure can be very challenging.

Before you embark on your epic adventure, here are ten must-have essentials for your next outdoor adventure.

  1. First Aid Supplies

    A first aid kit is an essential item for any trip into the wilderness. You never know what could happen on your adventure, so it's a good idea to be prepared for anything. A quality first aid kit includes bandages, scissors, antibiotic ointment, pain relievers, tweezers, and more. It's also important to ensure that your kit has all of these supplies stored in a waterproof bag so they don’t get wet on your journey.

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  2. Sun Protection: Sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses

    Sun protection is an essential part of any outdoor adventure. Wear sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection and a hat with a brim. While you're probably already familiar with the dangers of getting too much sun, like sunburns, skin cancer, and premature aging, you may not be aware that being in the sun can also cause eye damage. Sunglasses that offer UV protection are also a must-have.

  3. Navigation: Map and compass

    A map and compass are essential tools for navigation. They are also the most reliable, as GPS signals can be unreliable in some areas. Even if you have a GPS, it's good to carry a paper map and know how to use it. If your phone or GPS device dies or you lose power, your GPS will be useless.

  4. Multi-purpose tool

    The multi-purpose tool's primary function is to give you access to different tools without weighing down your pockets or backpack with every single thing you need  to carry around. You lose some flexibility by using a multi-purpose tool instead of individual tools. Still, if you're only carrying around a few things anyway, that will not be too much of an issue to worry about.

  5. Nutrition: Food and Water

    You'll need to pack enough food and water to keep you going. It's easy to underestimate how much energy you use during an outdoor adventure, so ensure you bring enough food to keep you going through the day. 

    The amount of food and water depends on how long you are traveling, but it's always better to overpack rather than under-pack when it comes to food supplies. Energy bars or dried fruits and nuts are a good choice since they are lightweight and easy to carry around. One liter of water for every 2 hours of activity is the estimated amount of water needed by an adult.

  6. Fire Starters

    Fire starters can be a lifesaver if you're camping, hiking, or backpacking, especially when you're using them to start campfires. They are small, lightweight, and allow you to start fires quickly and easily, even when there is no kindling or other fuel around. These can come in the form of waterproof matches, lighters, flint stones, and even chemical fire starters.

    There are two main types of fire starters: kindling and tinder. Tinder is anything flammable that’s small enough to catch a spark from a flint or match. Kindling  is small pieces of wood such as twigs  that will catch that spark and burn long enough for larger pieces of wood to catch on.

  7. Communication device: Cellphones or satellite phones

    Calling for help is crucial when you're miles from civilization. If available to you, bring a satellite phone and an emergency beacon if you're going off-trail. In an emergency, all you need to do is press the button on the device to send a signal to search-and-rescue personnel. Cell phones do not always work in remote areas.

  8. Shelter

    Whether you plan to camp out in a tent on a fantastic night or duck out of the sun under a canopy on a hot day, shelter is necessary. Sometimes you'll want to be protected from the elements but still have visibility; other times, you'll need protection from bugs or animals. Make sure yours is compact and easy to carry. Look for models with water-resistant materials or insect screens.

  9. Illumination: Headlamp or Flashlight

    A headlamp is a great item to keep on hand for camping or an outdoor adventure—it will give you both hands-free lighting and the ability to see where you're going! But, a flashlight is a smaller item that can be used for small tasks like reading in a tent. Either will work well for illuminating your immediate surroundings on an expedition.

  10. Insulation/Extra Clothing

    Whether camping in the woods or hiking a mountain trail, it's essential to be prepared. Even if you're spending a few hours outdoors in the middle of the summer, there's no guarantee that weather will remain ideal, and you should bring extra layers of clothing.

    That might mean something as simple as a light fleece jacket, or it could be a waterproof shell if the weather looks like you may get wet. It's good to have options so you can adapt to changing conditions. You might also consider bringing 2-3 pairs of socks. Go with moisture-wicking athletic socks for warmth, dryness and comfort.

Adventure on!

With this list of must-have items for your outdoor adventure, we hope that you will be able to travel light and safely with Tecnu products at your side!