How can I kill poison ivy, oak and sumac in my yard?

You can either pull the plants out of the ground, or head to your local home and garden center where a store employee can recommend the best weedkiller to eradicate poison oak and ivy plants. If you choose to pull the plants out yourself, there are a few tips we recommend following: 

1.) Wear long sleeves and pants as well as gloves
2.) Place a grocery bag (or any plastic bag) around the plant and pull with the bag, tie and dispose
3.) Be sure to thoroughly wash after with a cleanser that can remove the rash-causing oil, urushiol; either Tecnu Original or Tecnu Extreme will do the trick
4.) Last but not least, be sure to wash the clothing you were wearing in warm/hot water, through two cycles in the washing machine with a heavy-duty detergent such as Tide®.